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Zombie Apocalypse

Speck’s guest caption by Lisa Revard via Pure Michigan/Facebook.

Zombies. Pale faces. Blood. Ghostly eyes. Screaming. Running. More blood. My significant other loves the “Walking Dead”, but a bit much too much gore for me.

Zombies bite.

But, if you’ve got Zombie in your blood, all ages are welcome to participate in attempting to set a Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of Zombies. Guinness requires certain attire – pale faces, darker eyes and some sort of red coloring.  The record to beat is held by a gathering in New Jersey with 4,093 zombies. So, get your Zombie on!

Part of the mission of this free event is to feed the hungry.  Osha Kelley, master Zombie and creator of the festival, is also collecting food for Loaves and Fishes and hopes to fill 2 crates with non-perishables. Kelly says for the food drive “think of what they would eat for a last meal during a Zombie apocalypse.” Or just bring the kidney beans that have been tucked away in the back of your pantry.  Kidney beans. Brains. I don’t think Zombies are that particular these days.

Want to know what type of blood runs in your veins? Stop in at the Red Cross Zombie station and find out. And oh! Be sure to get your zombie photo taken, too.

C ‘mon Zombie lovers, get yourself to the Zombie Festival in Kalamazoo this Saturday, October 20th and break a record and help feed the hungry. The living that is – not the Zombies!

Find out more at
http://www.zombierecord.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/ZombieFestival?fref=ts

See more of what “Just Bea” and gang have got going on at

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