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Up From The Ashes

They say that when a forest burns down, it comes back up even stronger. That’s what I see happening in my own backyard. In Detroit, that is. Sure the “Big Three” have had their hardships, but when it comes down to it, it’s the people that feel it most. Even though not having worked directly for the auto companies, the trickle down effect has changed the livelihood of many Detroiters. Many of my friends, myself included, have felt the impact. But you know what? People believe in the city and are staying. They are reinventing themselves and making things happen.

The Spirit of Detroit. Coming back strong.

Businesses are also looking in new directions and new industries are sprouting up, too. With that entrepreneurial drive, it’s the people that are going to turn this town around. That’s the Spirit of Detroit. Coming back strong.

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