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The Mighty Mac Bridge Walk

Buster the Dog’s featured caption entry by Jillena Rose

It’s on my list. Actually, it’s been for a while. Walking the Mighty Mac, that is.

This year marked the 55th Annual Bridge Walk. At the Bridge’s 1958 dedication ceremony 60 people walked over the Straits of Mackinac. And this year – from big kids to little, around 45,000 walkers became part of the tradition.

Yoopers and Trolls Attack the Mac!

Labor Day is the only time of the year that pedestrians are allowed on the bridge, but there’s more to the bridge than meets the eye than the breathtaking view. Bob Sweeny, Executive Secretary of the Bridge Authority, says that along with the grandeur also comes a responsibility to the environment.

Did you know that at midnight the decorative lights get turned off to conserve energy? And, to be even more energy and green conscious, the amount of lights that set the bridge all aglow are restricted. In hoping to make more of a difference, the lighting has also been reduced at the toll plaza and LED lights in the arrow board and toll canopy help lead the way now, too.

So next time you cross and are looking at the grandeur of the Mighty Mackinac, remember that the Bridge is doing it’s part, too!

Pure Michigan Mighty Mack Bridge Walk Cartoon

A Future So Bright

Timbuk3 had it right - A future so bright we gotta wear shades.

My significant other teases me that I’m always in the dark. Not in the terms of being uninformed, but that I like to keep the lights dim. ‘Tis true. It’s probably a throw back to when I was a kid when turning off the lights when leaving a room was the smart thing to do.

Timbuk3 had it right - A future so bright we gotta wear shades.

But times have changed and so have the bulbs I grew up with. These days, the new energy efficient CFL & LED lights are way more energy efficient and cost efficient. They last 35,000 hours longer than the conventional bulb. And they’re like one million times brighter. Ok, well maybe closer to 500 times more. Not only that, if we switched over only 25% of the incandescent bulbs we use in the US to the new energy efficient bulbs – that would be equal to preventing the release of greenhouse gasses equal to 10 million autos. And that’s for real. Yay for the planet.