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It Takes A Village.


When the Birmingham Covington Middle schooler’s reached out for me to help illustrate and produce their video to help raise funds for a tractor and water pump in a remote village in Zambia – I had to say yes!  Funds were raised for not one – but two tractors! These students are truly inspiring, click the link to see….https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gx3P4Ll9mK4 

Hangin’ Out

I remember having to hang clothes out on the line as a kid and trying to hide my dad’s underwear on the middle line in-between the towels so the neighbors couldn’t see. Sometimes I imagined the clothesline was so long the neighbors couldn’t tell where it came from.

Hangin’ out for good.

But you know what? There is such a clothesline of sorts. And, it reaches into the far parts of the world. And, it does good, too. For every piece of clothing you buy, World Clothes Line personally delivers an identical item to someone in need in the U.S., Peru or Indonesia. You can even pick where it’s going. Launched less than a year ago, World Clothes Line has already delivered 400 pieces of clothing, and with the upcoming trip to Indonesia will help even more folks. So, if you’re gonna buy clothing anyway, why not help someone while you’re at it?

It’s like a magical clothesline. I can see my new hoodie hanging on it reaching all the way down to Peru – but without my dad’s underwear on it this time.