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Sandals With Soul

PaperFeet. What the heck is that? A rock band? A newspaper delivery club? Lotion for extremely dry feet?  Nope. Paper-Feet are extremely thin sandals that make running feel like you’re barefoot. Or while at the beach, your feet can look hot in the sand but not feel like they’re on fire while walking on it. And, you know that college dorm shower “ew” factor? Well, think about it.

What is this new-aged footwear you’re wondering. Paper-Feet are extremely thin sandals made from vinyl that has been previously used on billboards. Instead of ending up in the landfill, the advertisement you may have seen adorning the placard while driving down the expressway now becomes transformed into a one-of-a-kind, flexible, reversible sandal on your feet.

Now that’s what I call sandals with soul.

From what founder Jimmy Tomczak tells me, the amount of billboard vinyl thrown away each year in the US alone, that if laid out, would more than cover the State of Massachusetts. I’m thinking that with the help of a product like this, maybe one day we can get that area down to the size of a billboard.

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