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B’Gosh and Beer-gorrah!

A show of hands, who’s had green beer for St. Patrick’s Day? Ok, I admit (to the dismay of my significant other) I’m not a beer drinker, so I haven’t tried the green stuff.

But come to find out, breweries are becoming more green. And, I don’t mean in the color of their brew. Many are making an attempt in the way we would traditionally think of greening by lowering their energy consumption. Also, from the small craft breweries to the large brew houses, it’s not uncommon for them to continue on with the 19th century practice of feeding cattle brewer’s grain. As a matter of fact, Brooklyn Brewery pays farmers in New Jersey to take their left over grains to use as feed for the cattle. I wonder how the cows are feeling after dinner.

B’Gosh and Begorrah! Real “Green” Beer!

Have you heard of bamboo beer? This sustainable “green” beer is enjoyed by many in Asia and Africa. According to researchers, it carries medicinal qualities similar to that of ginkgo biloba and can also help reduce cholesterol – I think I’m liking beer more and more.

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