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Hangin’ Out

I remember having to hang clothes out on the line as a kid and trying to hide my dad’s underwear on the middle line in-between the towels so the neighbors couldn’t see. Sometimes I imagined the clothesline was so long the neighbors couldn’t tell where it came from.

Hangin’ out for good.

But you know what? There is such a clothesline of sorts. And, it reaches into the far parts of the world. And, it does good, too. For every piece of clothing you buy, World Clothes Line personally delivers an identical item to someone in need in the U.S., Peru or Indonesia. You can even pick where it’s going. Launched less than a year ago, World Clothes Line has already delivered 400 pieces of clothing, and with the upcoming trip to Indonesia will help even more folks. So, if you’re gonna buy clothing anyway, why not help someone while you’re at it?

It’s like a magical clothesline. I can see my new hoodie hanging on it reaching all the way down to Peru – but without my dad’s underwear on it this time.

The Detroit Red Wings Go Green

The Detroit Red Wings have done great things. Out of all the NHL teams in the US, they have the most Stanley Cup wins. With eleven championships under their wing, they’re right behind the Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs. But, have those Canadian teams ever given a nod to the ones who protect the environment? I’m not sure, but I do know the Red Wings will be adding one more thing to their list of accomplishments.

Red Wings Go Green!

This time, instead of the team being honored, the Wings along with the DTE Energy Theater, will be acknowledging those who are helping to look out for our environment and the world we live in. On March 30th they’ll be recognizing companies, organizations and clubs with “green” practices at the first ever “Go Green Night” at the Joe! These groups will be offered discounted tickets and free food vouchers – I can’t wait to see what the item is that’s going to be given away!

With all of this cool stuff going on, I’m hoping the fans will leave the game a little more green – and St. Louis a little more blue!

Sandals With Soul

PaperFeet. What the heck is that? A rock band? A newspaper delivery club? Lotion for extremely dry feet?  Nope. Paper-Feet are extremely thin sandals that make running feel like you’re barefoot. Or while at the beach, your feet can look hot in the sand but not feel like they’re on fire while walking on it. And, you know that college dorm shower “ew” factor? Well, think about it.

What is this new-aged footwear you’re wondering. Paper-Feet are extremely thin sandals made from vinyl that has been previously used on billboards. Instead of ending up in the landfill, the advertisement you may have seen adorning the placard while driving down the expressway now becomes transformed into a one-of-a-kind, flexible, reversible sandal on your feet.

Now that’s what I call sandals with soul.

From what founder Jimmy Tomczak tells me, the amount of billboard vinyl thrown away each year in the US alone, that if laid out, would more than cover the State of Massachusetts. I’m thinking that with the help of a product like this, maybe one day we can get that area down to the size of a billboard.

B’Gosh and Beer-gorrah!

A show of hands, who’s had green beer for St. Patrick’s Day? Ok, I admit (to the dismay of my significant other) I’m not a beer drinker, so I haven’t tried the green stuff.

But come to find out, breweries are becoming more green. And, I don’t mean in the color of their brew. Many are making an attempt in the way we would traditionally think of greening by lowering their energy consumption. Also, from the small craft breweries to the large brew houses, it’s not uncommon for them to continue on with the 19th century practice of feeding cattle brewer’s grain. As a matter of fact, Brooklyn Brewery pays farmers in New Jersey to take their left over grains to use as feed for the cattle. I wonder how the cows are feeling after dinner.

B’Gosh and Begorrah! Real “Green” Beer!

Have you heard of bamboo beer? This sustainable “green” beer is enjoyed by many in Asia and Africa. According to researchers, it carries medicinal qualities similar to that of ginkgo biloba and can also help reduce cholesterol – I think I’m liking beer more and more.