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A Future So Bright

Timbuk3 had it right - A future so bright we gotta wear shades.

My significant other teases me that I’m always in the dark. Not in the terms of being uninformed, but that I like to keep the lights dim. ‘Tis true. It’s probably a throw back to when I was a kid when turning off the lights when leaving a room was the smart thing to do.

Timbuk3 had it right - A future so bright we gotta wear shades.

But times have changed and so have the bulbs I grew up with. These days, the new energy efficient CFL & LED lights are way more energy efficient and cost efficient. They last 35,000 hours longer than the conventional bulb. And they’re like one million times brighter. Ok, well maybe closer to 500 times more. Not only that, if we switched over only 25% of the incandescent bulbs we use in the US to the new energy efficient bulbs – that would be equal to preventing the release of greenhouse gasses equal to 10 million autos. And that’s for real. Yay for the planet.

Bamboo Couture

Really? A bamboo dress? Bamboo is for Tiki bars, floors and an occasional salad bowl. But what do I know. I had to go check this out for myself. Rather than the stiff, scratchy burlapy fabric I expected, the jersey was soft and stretchy. I found this out on my excursion to a local designer dress shop. I also found out that since bamboo is a natural product it naturally works with your body temperature and wicks away moisture and acts as a natural deodorant. I’m not sure if I’ll give up my bath and beauty products just yet, but I’m willing to give bamboo clothing a try.

Bamboo isn’t just for Tiki huts anymore.

Come to think of it, I recently saw a program on bamboo and as it turns out, has a lot of environmental benefits. It releases 35% more air for us to breathe than trees, it’s a sustainable product that grows fast without fertilizer and is easily transported. And there are tons of products made from bamboo. Bamboo mats. Bamboo floors. Bamboo houses. Bamboo fences. Bamboo counter-tops. Bamboo curtains. You get the idea. The rainforests should consider the lucky bamboo their friend. We should too.